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Click here to read about Henry Butler's Education Proposal - Stopping the School to Prison Pipeline in District 41


Education is the cornerstone of a strong and prosperous New York. Henry believes when we invest in high quality teachers, upgrade classroom technology, and give schools the resources and support they need to flourish, we increase the odds of our children succeeding exponentially.


Henry also believes in the Community School Model which has been proven to be beneficial by serving the needs of a child not just educationally, but also their emotional, social and physical needs.






The 41st Council District lags behind the rest of the city when it comes to employment and household income statistics. Much of this has to do with the low education levels and the loss of many jobs that never came back from the 2009 economic downturn. Henry will work with businesses, organized labor, and non-profit organizations that provide job training and career certifications, to bring quality jobs and career opportunities to the district, ensuring the security every family needs to prosper.



Click here to read about Henry Butler's Affordable Housing Policy Plan


Affordable Housing

Our residents deserve safe and affordable housing to call home. Henry will stand with us as we fight to get needed repairs and safety improvements at our NYCHA developments that have been long overdue. Henry will stand up to developers who are looking to take our housing stock and push us from our neighborhoods. You have spent your entire lives building your families, homes, and community— you won’t be pushed out on Henry’s watch.





Our seniors have spent their whole lives providing for their families and building our community, isn’t it time someone has their back? Henry has been and will continue to be a strong advocate for our seniors. Henry will make sure programs our seniors depend on, such as the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) and the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) stay fully funded and provide our seniors the benefits they need. Henry also supports tax credits for employers who hire senior citizens as well as job training for older adults.



Criminal Justice Reform

Henry will fight to raise the age of criminal responsibility for juvenile offenders. New York is long overdue in recognizing that the adult criminal justice system doesn’t work for adolescents. While in an adult prison, youth are 36 times more likely to commit suicide, are often the target of mental, physical and sexual abuse, and have approximately 34% more re-arrests for felony crimes than those in a juvenile facility. 16 and 17 year olds don’t have the same cognitive skills as an adult, and therefore they don’t weigh the consequences of their actions to the same ability as an adult.


Henry also supports the New York City Bail Fund. Currently, nearly 25,000 non-violent offenders cannot afford bail set at  $2,000 or less. With the bail fund we can save taxpayer dollars in the long run by reducing the number of cases in the system while also working to fully reform our criminal justice system which disproportionately negatively impacts the lives of the poor and minorities.


Election Reform

Henry supports common sense election reforms like same-day voter registration, no excuse absentee voting, making New York’s primary date the same for city, state, and federal elections, and reducing the window when party enrollment changes take effect.


Henry also believes we need greater training, transparency, and accountability at the Board of Elections so the public can have greater confidence in how we conduct our elections.




Henry knows first hand how vital organized labor is to the expansion and protection of the middle-class. Henry has been a member of a labor union for 21 years--- first spending 7 years as a member of Local 371 while working for ACS as a caseworker and NYCHA running a community center at Lafayette Gardens, and then 14 years as a member of TWU Local 100 while working as a subway conductor.


Henry believes government should serve as a partner in fostering career opportunities and feels strongly that the more men and women we can train through comprehensive apprenticeship programs benefits New York's economy and expands the middle-class.

Click here to read about Henry Butler's 3 Point Plan Addressing Jobs & Economic Development


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